A guitar, capo’d at the fifth fret, is just a Ukulele with a couple of extra bass strings! 😉

Aquila Red Strings

Living Water Strings

Penguins Two

Paul’s Dance

Yellow Bird

Playing with Ukes

3 thoughts on “Videos”

  1. I hope all is well with you and that you are making a good recovery. I play Uke with Gadd’sukes….here in Ramsgate….we get together at the Artillery Arms on Weds and sometimes venture out to gig. I run an open mic for acoustic music every first friday of the month at the Rose of England Ramsgate High Street all welcome free…….I would love to buy a hand crafted Uke for my partner so would like to visit. I also play banjo and guitar….find me on Fandalism…or serendipidydodah on utube….Closing Time… Faith..Blue as Your Eyes…..cheers and good wishes…Victoria.

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