There are one or two options that you might like to choose that vary from our standard specification. Here is a peek at some of them to give you something to think about:


Standard Style

Standard style headstock

Slotted headstock

Top tuner headstock


These are the three types of headstock that we generally do. The tuners are available in either black or chrome finish, with the exception of the slotted headstock, which is available in chrome only and is fitted with ivoroid  buttons. (Higher spec tuners are available at cost)

A further option on these headstocks is to have them bound in a timber of your choice or matching the binding on the body.


It is, of course, possible to have the headstock further decorated with inlay designs to your specificaton, however, these would be priced individually dependent of complexity and time involved.


























Two general types of bridge are offered on Concert sized instruments and above. They are:

Tie Bridge

Tie Bridge..


…..and Pin Bridge

Pin Bridge











Body Size




Concert Body



Tenor Body (with cutaway)


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