Whist our primary business is Ukuleles, a range of which we keep, we also carry a selection of spares for other acoustic and electro-acoustic instruments.

We build Ukuleles to order from timbers grown on the Quex Park Estate in the three standard sizes, Tenor, Concert and Soprano, as well as Baritone Ukes, Cuatro’s and banjo/ banjoleles. We’ve even built the odd guitar! All are fitted with Aquila Strings which we stock. Prices are according to wood and decoration required. (customisation)

We carry a number of ranges of guitar strings including Elixir, D’Addario and Ernie Ball. Also items like picks (plectrums), straps and capo’s are available at very competitive prices. We also undertake instrument repairs, set-ups and rebuilds. Broken instruments are no longer fit only for the bin. Bring them along and we’ll see what we can do for you.

7 thoughts on “Services”

  1. Hi there
    I have a Lani ukulele paid around £130 for it . I will be shortly looking for an upgrade. I will be after a concert sized pineapple. The reason I came to this site is because of the pineapple you have on ebay. I like the look of it but not in walnut. Could you please let me know which other timbers you have. Also are they handmade and all of solid wood.
    Thanks Phil.

      1. Cedar for tops and necks, as well as European Maple (Sycamore), Chesnut, and a couple of other timbers are available for body/sides.

  2. Hi there,i’m making enquiries about having a Yew Soprano Ukulele made for me.I’ve used Yew to make some bows(i’m an archer),but know a ukulele would be beyond me.Would this be possible,and do you have a rough idea of price if it is?.Cheers.

      1. I got your e-mail and your price seems very reasonable(especially compared to what some of the big name makers charge!).I’ll be in touch about maybe visiting for a chat next week.

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