Bits and Pieces

No 4, a Tenor, having the fretboard attached

Following on from the Quex Timber post of last week, time has been occupied sorting out a few bits and pieces. Firstly, having decided to go ahead building wooden Ukuleles regularly (as opposed to the roundback models originally planned. Don’t worry, they haven’t been forgotten!), the need for proper moulds and jigs had to be addressed. There was also some timber knocking around the workshop that needed using up. This has made the construction of Ukes 3 and 4 a somewhat Continue reading Bits and Pieces

Quex Timber


Quex House

Quex Park is an oasis of old woodland on the Isle of Thanet where a tree planting program was instigated by John Powell-Powell in the early 1780’s. The beauty of the Park that we see today is thanks to his vision. Now, some 230 years later, these woodlands and specimen trees are still managed throughout the Estate and we have managed to acquire some of the resultant timber for the production of musical instruments.

Manuel Nunes et al. invented the Ukulele with the use of local timber, and here at Ukulian we intend to continue that tradition by building all of our future instruments with timber sourced from Quex Park itself. Uke No 3 is built primarily from Cherry grown and felled on the Estate.

No2, a concert, is from Mahogany with a spruce top.

Although the park is not managed for timber production, the extensive woodlands have produced some Continue reading Quex Timber

Painted Ukes

Painted Ukes

Another week passes, and with it, another three or four painted Ukuleles have found their way into the public domain. Despite being stocked for the youngsters, it is becoming obvious that two thirds of the basic Ukes that we sell are, in fact, going to the adult population! :)

It is also noticeable that the same proportion are coloured black! Despite stocking Red, Yellow Continue reading Painted Ukes

Craft Fair

The weather just about held, except for a couple of short showers on the Sunday. There was a steady stream of folks passing by, many stopping for a nose or listen, and some even had a little tinkle on one or more of the various instruments that were available over the weekend. There are certainly a few more that now know we exist, and that can only be a good thing. :)

My Thanks to Danny for keeping us company over the weekend and to Patrick for coming and getting himself a sore throat singing all day on the Saturday. Danny got in some practice time on the Subway Shuffle exercise set by Patrick Costello for his guitar, although he did occasionally get sidetracked…


Ukulele No 1 taking shape

Taking shape

Having decided that a few traditionally built Ukes will not go amiss for the rapidly approaching Craft Fair on 10th and 11th September, Ukulele No 1 is rapidly taking shape. Built with a solid Walnut body, including sides, back and front, and a Spanish Cedar neck and headstock which is veneered in a figured walnut, the beast, a Concert sized animal, is now taking the form that is recognizable. In the image, the neck is attached dry, as it will be removed while the body is finished.

Timber for Uke No2 has been sourced and this will be an all Mahogany affair with a spruce top, and may well be a Tenor. We’ll have to see…

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