Many Thanks

I have to say an enormous Thank You to everybody that has called, messaged and dropped into the new workshop with good wishes now that I have the ‘all clear’ from my recent course of Chemotherapy. The

The Bass-Baritone prototype
The Bass-Baritone prototype

response has been most heartwarming and both myself and Shirley, my wife, really appreciated all the good will.

The response to our new instrument, the Bass-Baritone Ukulele, has also been excellent, with some amazing sounds coming from the prototype. The first regular model is now well under way, ordered on the spot when the customer tried the prototype!

Two Concerts and a Bass-Baritone
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Now that my strength is slowly returning, and having got a couple of instruments completed without any disasters, the time has come to catch up with some orders that have been outstanding for a little while. So that is what I have been up to over the last week or so. Concert models for both Bill and Graham are now on the bench along with that Bass-Baritone for Jennifer. All three of these instruments are from local timbers such as Walnut, Yew, Douglas Fir and Sycamore.

The move from the Craft Village means that we gat a few less visitors in the workshop, which is possibly a good thing as many of those that came in were just idly curious. The folk now coming in know that they have stopped to see an instrument maker, and are more than welcome. Due to the drop in temperatures, we are now keeping the door closed, but that is just to keep the heat in, and if the sign is out in the road, you will find that we are hard at work. (It’s hard work keeping the kettle hot!”!! :) )

3 thoughts on “Many Thanks”

  1. Glad you’re back up to speed mate, also, I wanna try a bass-baritone uke, sounds a bit like a musical equivalent of a wife swapping party to me, where do I put my car keys?


    1. Hi Dan,
      That’s one way of putting it!
      Still got the prototype in the workshop until the weekend, although the tuning is a bit odd as it is now in ‘Cello tuning! The standard is DGBE but an octave lower than a normal Baritone. Amazing sustain for a uke.
      I’ll be late Wednesday morning, but otherwise normal opening times.:)

  2. hi ian,

    glad to hear you have completed your chemotherapy and now have the all clear, great news! looking forward to picking up my new concert uke when finished, looking great in the photo of it on the bench with the other 2 ukes, can’t wait! take it easy.

    hope to see you soon,

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