Summer Update

When I last posted, some while ago now, I was joking about the number of different hospital appointments I was having to attend. The outcome of those appointments is the main reason for a lack of communication in the meanwhile. Where I had been putting back-ache down to bending over the bench too much, it turned out that a rather large tumour had grown between my kidneys and was getting larger. Combined with a growth over my left eye that was steadily closing the said optic, it hardly surprising that I was beginning to get a few things wrong!

As I write, I’m two-thirds of the way through the prescribed course of Chemotherapy ¬†and looking _IAN2014forward to things for the first time in a while. I’m probably looking at the end of August or beginning of September before I can really get back into full harness but in the meantime I’ve been fiddling around with a few things and there will be a few announcements over the forthcoming weeks. These will include a new style of Soprano Ukulele based on the Salvador Ibanez Guitarricco that we had in for repair back in February. A prototype has already been made which sounds rather cannon like for such a small instrument.

There is also likely to be a Concert version of this style that will be available through an exclusive source.

We made it to the Ukulele Festival of Great Britain in June but the whole thing went by in a bit of a blur as the chemo was just getting a good hold on me. Hopefully next year we’ll be able to enjoy the experience more. Also, a rather major change in working practice is forthcoming, but I’m not even going to give you a spoiler on that one until I next post. I do promise however, that it won’t be as long before the next installment as it has been since the last.

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    1. No worries Matt. It been a bad few months but the Chemo is over now (last Friday was the last dose) and I should be back to near normal in a few weeks. I’ll be in touch. :)

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