Week Ten

Local Timber is more appropriate
Local Timber is more appropriate

Trips to the hospital, for three separate tests, at three different hospital on three consecutive days have occupied a fair amount of this week, along with a fair amount of mileage! They have covered QEQM at Margate, William Harvey at Ashford and the K&C at Canterbury, so the way things are going I’ll probably end up seeing a consultant in Maidstone for the results! 😉

For environmentalist, there has been good news coming out of the CITES convention being held in Bangkok regarding such things as sharks and Rhinos, but no news yet on the ‘Instrument Passports’ that are being proposed at the meeting. We have a few bits of ‘exotic’ timber knocking around the workshop, and over the next few weeks we will probably use these up on some ‘exotic build’ instruments so as not to fall foul of either CITES or the new EUTR regulations that came into force last week. These are, as mentioned last week, not retrospective, and any timber already in stock at 3rd March 2013, is not affected. If we build some instruments from it now, along with ‘passports’ that state the timber was in stock as of last week, then there shouldn’t be any future problems. :)

They include some Zebrano, an amount of Rosewood and a little African Mahogany so if any of you are interested in instruments from these timbers, let us know now!

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