Week 6

UFGB Tenor
UFGB Tenor

That short month I mentioned last week  got even shorter over the past week when we decided we needed to re-arrange the workshop. Not just moving a couple of bits, but changing the whole thing around! It took three days out of the week, and will take a couple more to complete the process properly.

The whole exercise has been worthwhile though, with a couple of major benefits already noticed. The first, and the most obvious  is that of increased space, but the nice surprise, as I look out the window to a fresh carpet of snow, is that it has been possible to get the temperature in the workshop into the heady teens in centigrade without having to break the bank in fuel costs!!

Anyone who has visited before will see a major difference, including floor space that, previously, we didn’t have!

Therefore, the amount of actual work completed has been relatively low. :( A few sides cut and thicknessed, one body started and a couple or repairs and a re-fret is about all that has been achieved. but hopefully things will now become a little easier.

I’ve been asked which Festivals we’ll be doing during the year, and the answer is Cheltenham and Smugglers at least. The Ukulele Festival of Great Britain at Cheltenham will be offering one of that batch of Tenors as a raffle prize, but if you can’t wait that long to get lucky, there are three more on the For Sale page at a very special price.

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  1. Ah, weather. We’ve had a run of low temps here on the Prairies, often around -40°C, with wind-chill taking it down even lower. Fred uses two electric industrial heaters in his shop and they keep it ‘comfortable’, though. Would be so nice to be able to actually see your shop, but we’ll just watch for photos. Have a great week!

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