Sunday Sermon, Wk 4

snow villageNo improvement over last week as far as temperatures are concerned, even Tru-oil has been taking 48 hours to cure properly, some 40 hours longer than it would in the summer! Today though, it did improve considerably. :)

On top of that, the far end of the Craft village has been having some major building work carried out, which has had some effect on getting things done.

The water problems of last week have disappeared though, and at least the kettle has been in full commission all week!

As we have the full 31 days in this month though, I think we will just about hit target as far as finished instruments are concerned. And congratulations to those of you that braved the poor weather conditions over the last two weeks to come along and visit the workshop.

Three of the five tenors we have built will be available shortly, so keep an eye on the For Sale page where they will be shown initially. They will make up the eight instruments completed in the month, with Ben’s 8 string tenor and Andy’s soprano both heading for their new homes in the week coming, and that project instrument also due to be strung up. (More on that one soon)

Next week I hope to break some really good news (from our point of view). ‘Till then, keep on strumming. :)

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  1. I’m so looking forward to meeting my new uke soon,in the pictures you’ve sent me it looks amazing!

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