Sunday Sermon, Wk 3

Using a workshop that is no more than a converted cattle stall, combined with sub-zero temperatures, and now, a carpet of snow, has had it’s moments this week. Most glues state ‘Protect from frost’ on the label and should not be used below 10 degrees C, and keeping the workshop at those heady temperatures has bee difficult. Thank heavens for Hide Glue! :)

Photo0306Mind you, carving seven necks has kept the body warm, it’s just the air temperature that has been a problem!

The instruments seen here all had their necks caved during the course of the last seven days. They are, top to bottom, a soprano, a project instrument and five tenor ukuleles, four of which have standard sound holes and the fifth has a specially shaped sound hole ordered by a customer.

These instruments are now getting face-plates and fretboards fitted, including the project instrument which, unusually, gets a bound fretboard.

In other news, two new instruments, both slightly unusual, have been ordered this week and I’ll let you know more about them as the weeks progress, but one in particular is a wild deviation from a standard ukulele, although the body mould already exists and it will still have 4 strings! More than that and you’ll have to come back and see as it develops! 😉

Today has been the first day of 2013 that there has been nobody in the unit. The snow and the temperature have been so bad that even the half mile journey from home to the unit didn’t really seem  that sensible. Lets hope that there is a little less to contend with tomorrow. Keep yourselves warm out there and I’ll update you again next week :)

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