Sunday Sermon, Wk 2

To say we’ve had a hectic week would be an understatement! A simple plan, outlined last week, gone almost completely to pot this week. Batch building, yes, it’s a good idea, but the building methods that were in use are totally impractical in that situation.

Gobar 1
Go-bar Deck

To overcome that drawback, I decided to build a contraption called a go-bar deck. This requires a radius dish to complete a lot of the work on, and a method of producing that I had seen (Thanks to Ken Timms) got put to use. It produced a lot of sander dust but cost a lot less than having one cnc’d! Then there was the sourcing of components like the go-bars themselves. We’ll be tweaking a few more things over the next few weeks too, like the method we use for making necks, bridges and the like.

On top of all that we took four more orders for instruments, only one of which can be included in this run of Tenor Ukes, so the workload has increased as well.

On the positive side, the contraption seen here has halved the length of time required to assemble an instrument body and has warranted the time spent making and clearing up afterwards (So much dust)!

Making Radius Dish
Making Radius Dish

So, on we go, into the second week of 2013, hoping to get a bunch of bodies finished and a bunch of necks underway, while at the same time continuing the polishing of Ben’s 8 string and getting Andy’s soprano ready for that same operation. We’ll see you next week. :)

Radius Dish
Radius Dish

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