Three Tenors

 The website has been quiet of late, mainly because the workshop has been busy! Andy’s and Ian’s Concert models have been delivered, along with the completion a couple of project instruments, a Bass Cuatrolele or Q-Bass (whichever you want to call it!) and an 8 string tenor which can be seen on the left in this image. Despite both being 1st build pattern models as far as we are concerned, the results have been particularly pleasing, both in looks and especially the  sound quality. Both instruments are electro-acoustic, with the Bass in particular needing the help of an amplifier, assisted by a built in pre-amp. But with the sound range of a double-bass, the addition of an amp is still a much smaller solution than the full size instrument.

The 8 string, on the other hand, is quite happy as a pure acoustic, and only required a passive pickup system in order to make it stage usable! And it sounds really sweet! :)


Both instruments have been sold, coincidentally, to the first customers to try them, but I’m happy to report that they will be available to see at the Smugglers Folk Festival in Deal on the 31st August- 2nd September 2012. See the link for details of this family festival. We will be there showing off some of our instruments. Look for the Black Gazebo.  At the time of writing there are still a few tickets available. We look forward to seeing you there.

3 thoughts on “Three Tenors”

  1. Bung this at the top of the page on Folkies mate.
    May just incite some interest.
    Sounds like a great gig !

    1. Well, let’s just say that Jennifer came in for a little adjustment to the Bass as I was finishing the 8 string!! 😉

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