Cuatro with a ‘Q’

Cuatro with a Q

A couple of customers came to visit today, one to collect her new Venezuelan Cuatro and the other to see what his will be like.

In the fist clip, Jennifer Maidman and Geoffrey Richardson, members of the Penguin Cafe Orchestra, play a Penguin Cafe Classic, ‘Paul’s Dance’.  Jennifer is playing a Tenor Ukulele she purchased from us a while back. It is tuned  a D F# B, as is the Cuatro.

The second clip is taken from the ‘jam’ session they proceeded perform and on this occasion Jennifer plays my ‘Cool Hand Uke’ a Tenor with a low G string, but tuned ADF#B.


Many thanks to both of them for the impromptu concert.

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  1. I absolutely adored to listen to the Venezuelan cuatro…I loved to show my daughter an English musician playing an instrument from my country! oh what a joy for a Thursday morning!

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      Thanks for the comment.

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