In the works…

Cuatro, Cool Hand Tenor and Cutaway Tenor

It occurred to me that I’ve not posted any progress reports of late, what with all the tree felling going on but work in the shop has been progressing well. This week, no less than three instruments will get finished, the first of two Venezuelan Cuatro’s, a Cool Hand Tenor and a Cutaway Tenor, all featuring rope binding.

The Cutaway Tenor is an all Walnut body with a Cedar neck, Laburnum fretboard and bridge and machine tuners, while both the Cuatro and Cool Hand Tenor have slotted headstocks, Cedar tops on Walnut bodies and sport cedar necks.

The Cuatro and Cutaway  both have the rope binding extending up the fretboard while the Cool Hand has a pin bridge rather than the tie bridge sported by the other two. That instrument also features a side sound port, giving the player better feedback.

Two of these little beauties are for customers, but the third, the one in the middle in the images, I’m building as a replacement for my own use. :)

Of course, all of the timber used in these babies has been grown on Quex Park Estates, so their carbon footprint is virtually zero.