Mob Rule!

Well, ‘Mob Rule’ is perhaps a bit over the top, but the response from many of the 20 odd people that attended last week’s inaugural Quex Ukelele Club meeting has been an overwhelming “MORE!” That is, more meetings and more often than originally envisaged.

So, we have decided to double the frequency from once a month to twice a month, effective immediately.  Where it was the second wednesday, it is now the second and fourth Wednesday of each month.

Same time, 7pm and the same place, Quex Barn, just off Park Lane in Birchington. We look forward to seeing you there and having as enjoyable an evening as the first one.

Gone to a good home.

In the workshop, I’m going to have to make myself a new Ukulele, as the Tenor that I have been strumming of late has been sold. “It sounds so nice” the customer said, so I explained that it had been played a bit and that it decided it liked music!

You see, that’s the best explanation I have heard for an instrument ‘opening up’. The wood spends 1-200 years being a tree, and then goes through some traumatic changes. Once it has been turned into an instrument, it takes the wood a little time to decide that it likes music, and then it joins in with the harmony.


Side sound port