A Change of Luck?

Workshop rearranged
Fox Planer/thicknesser and bandsaw with shop made drum sander in the background

The ‘tidy up’ I mentioned in the last post turned out to be a three day job! That is mainly due to a complete re-arrange of the workshop. A bit more space was needed and there was none. None that was usable that is.  Moving from the smaller unit a few months ago, things had been put where they fitted without too much thought about the way we would be working and the place had become somewhat cluttered.

The thing that triggered this effort was the purchase of a new Planer – Thicknesser. It is something that is a basic requirement in any form of woodworking shop, but something that funds had precluded until now. Bench models are available, capable of handling widths of 6″ and 8″, but with the need to dimension timber for guitars now imminent, and not wanting to have to upgrade in short order, we have waited until we could get a suitable machine straight off. Once again, Poolwood Machinery near Sittingbourne seemed to have the right tool at the right price, and having been so pleased with the Fox bandsaw we got off them, the Fox 10″ x 5″ planer/thicknesser was ordered. It arrived Tuesday morning, having been ordered on the Sunday. :)

Again, it’s a solid machine that gives a clean and accurate cut in both hardwood and softwoods. The fence is ample big enough and returns accurately to the 90 degree mark. It took a little longer to set up than it should have done, as the instruction book was a little inaccurate. I’d guess it was written for an older model and a few improvements have been made since.

On the plus side, it comes with it’s own, decent gauge, stand and tools for setting the blades etc.The adjusting handle for the thicknesser table is removeable, and I need to find somewhere to keep it. I’ll probably fit a spring clip on the machine for the purpose, something Fox have overlooked.

So why the change of luck, you are asking? Well the price has gone up in the week since I ordered it, so I got in just in time! I’d have bought it, even at the newer price, but it makes a change for me to get that sort of thing right! 😉

The machine arrived well packaged
and well protected

















Assembling the Stand
and turned the right way up
and fitted to the unit























Once again, the capacity of this machine is much greater than the price reflects. It would otherwise cost a couple of hundred pounds more for a a machine capable of handling 10″ wide stock, and the finish it produces is  as good or better than many industrial grade machines I have used. Well done again Poolwood.

2 thoughts on “A Change of Luck?”

  1. You seem to be on a lucky streak old mate !
    Any tips for the lottery ?
    Enjoy your new toy, it’s gonna make life a lot easier and you will no doubt be able to keep up with demand a lot easier.
    Good luck. Pete

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