It’s Time….

Lessons? It’s one of the things that we get asked most about. Well, it’s the one thing we can’t easily provide where we are. However, we’ve been saying we would start something up in the New Year, and we are now nearly a month into that timescale, so it’s time to get something going.

We are trying to sort out a venue for an all new Ukulele Club in the Thanet area. What would be great though, is if you could contact us if you are interested in attending and participating in such a club. Have a look in the top right corner of this page, where you will see a ‘Contact Us’ link. Just drop us a note, perhaps indicating how often you would like a club to meet, your standard of play, prefer style of music etc. The number of responses will help to determine the size of venue we need. And all you beginners, please get involved, as the idea is to spread the joy of the ukulele as well as make some music with them. We aim to get the first event scheduled for mid February, so don’t leave it ’til later, do it now! :)

Guitar back goes on
In the workshop, despite the miserable weather, that guitar thingy is progressing well, along with a couple of tenor ukes and another concert pineapple, all mainly in walnut. The Laburnum is making some wonderful fretboards and bridges, with the small amount of cherry we have left making an ideal binding for the walnut. Come along and have a look when you are in the area, as we are open throughout the winter. (As are most of the Crafters in the Craft Village)

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  1. thats one hell of a gig ian nice idea with the uke club just found out theres one in ashford i,am going to todal up there next monday night and see what its like check it out on the web the invicta ukelele club nice to see that hob goblin now have a shop in canterbury

    all the best mate

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