Happy Customer :)

A happy Noel displays his new instrument

The weekend saw the collection of a Tenor Ukulele that we built for Noel. To say that he left a happy bunny would be an understatement and the grin on his face, having played a little on the instrument, was a joy to behold.

From our point of view, happy customers are what we are all about, and having one ask about a maintenance regime shows us that the work put into the instrument is not only appreciated, but that it will be well looked after into the future.

The instruments we build are all one offs. We don’t ‘batch build’ but construct each one singly with every component being individually inspected. Only the best of the timbers we have access to are used for these instruments. Noel’s fretboard, for example, is made from the quarter-sawn heartwood of a Laburnum that was felled last year and has been dried down to a moisture content of 5%,  necessary for instruments that will be kept in a centrally heated home. The inlaid monogram is in Mother-of-Pearl, as are the fret markers. Body and neck are all solid Walnut, while the rosette is in spalted beech.