Hello, and a Happy New Year to you all.

Storm Felled Tree at Quex

A few things have happened since I last posted. A quiet Christmas and New Year have not been idle, but a pile of perfectly good timber that is not suitable for instrument making is slowly invading the workshop.

Along with it, we have had some pretty severe winds over the last couple of weeks, and this in turn has produced yet more timber! :) Yes, that is a good thing from our point of view, because the winds brought downa couple of trees, as you can see from the pic. The specimen in the image has been dead for some while and a good portion of the trunk is now in the drying chamber. However, it shows some lovely spalting that would not work too well in a Uke (or Guitar for that matter), apart from as decoration, so it, along with some wild grained

Chests and Boxes

Walnut and a few other billets of various species, will get used for some other projects. With a couple of Jewelers in residence at the Craft Village, some jewelry chests and trinket boxes are being produced from these timbers, which have all been grown on Quex Park. As time goes on, we will be producing some other items from these unique woods. If there is anything you would like making, let us know.


Never fear though, Ukuleles have not been forgotten, and the latest one (they’re all individual) has a soundboard of quarter sawn walnut sporting a couple of F holes and an Ash inlay. The finished Tenor sized instrument will have a side sound port and Fishman Electrics.