It’s started…

Guitar MouldAs mentioned in a couple of earlier posts, I’m giving in to the number of requests to build some guitars! As usual, not everybody wants the same thing, so to get the ball rolling I’m starting with an OM sized electro-acoustic steel strung model. As you can see from the picture, the mould has been started on. Alongside is an already joined slice of walnut that will probably feature as the first example’s back, used here just to mark out the shape for assessment.

It is a job that will get fitted in as and when I have some spare time from jobs like the Tenor Uke being made for Noel, which will feature a Laburnum fretboard from our recently acquired stash. :)

Noel's Fretboard (unfinished)

4 thoughts on “It’s started…”

  1. Well about damn time Ian, and remember, all you need remember for a Dreadnought is 16mm or just a fraction under 😉

    Loving the Quex park walnut mate, I’ve always wanted an acoustic made from walnut.


    1. Dreadnought? That was a class of battleship weren’t it!! 😉

      The Walnut is proving to be a sweet sounding tonewood on the Ukes, so I’m quite hopeful.
      Have a good Xmas mate.

      1. I’ve only ever heard good things about Walnut as a tone wood, I seem to remember reading that it sits between Mahogany and Rosewood tone wise, so it’s a good place to start from.

        Christmas was good, hope your’s was too mate


        1. Quiet, and much of it (except the Sunday) spent at the workshop. Bit like the Marie Celeste, but the cat appreciated the company. My best to the family.

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