Drying Time

It has been a standing joke throughout the summer months, and during the

sunnier days more recently, that any of the Crafters in the village that were sitting outside enjoying a break were ‘waiting for something to dry’!

Now though, with the completion of a drying chamber in the new unit, I have the perfect excuse for any time spent outside the unit! What you see here is an amount of local Laburnum for fretboards and some Eucalyptus stacked in the new chamber, which is capable of drying around 100 board feet at a controlled rate. It will bring the seasoning time down to a matter of weeks rather than the months or years consumed in air-drying.

That is not to say that we will not be using air dried timber, far from it. The Walnut we are using at present has been air dried for 7 years. It does mean though, that timbers which may, in the past, not have been considered for storage can now be brought to a usable moisture content within a reasonable length of time.

And it gives me an excuse for venturing out into the sunshine. It’s drying time! 😉

5 thoughts on “Drying Time”

  1. Is the timber for your own use or will you also be selling some? I would be interested in experimenting with some English grown eucalyptus or other interesting timbers on my own ukes at some point(E.gunni?)

  2. Hi Micheal.
    I could probably be persuaded to part with some, along with a bit of Laburnum for fingerboards. :)

    If you want to chat about it, try 07598091769


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