People, lots of them!

It is fortunate that the weather was fair for the Quexmas Event, staged in the Powell-Cotton Museum on Sunday 27th November. That is because the queues of people stretched well into the car park for a good couple of hours after the event opened. Of course, the weather had an effect on how many people ventured out, but we’ll ignore that for the moment.

There were over eighty craft stalls offering every type of craft you can imagine, but, I’m glad to report, we were the only musical instrument maker there! Of course, not too many musicians attend Craft Fairs but there was a smattering, each surprised to see us there. They now know that we exist and where they can find us for future reference.

The most interesting, and frequent requests were for lessons in guitar/uke/banjo in that order, so we are going to have to look into those along with setting up a regular jam session, probably in one of Jungle Jim’s smaller rooms. If you are interested, please drop us a line through the contact form at the top left of each of the pages on the site.

It will be a few days before the official numbers attending are available, but at a guess it was in multiple four figures. If you were one of them, thanks for coming, and if you weren’t, then why not? 😉