Moving On….

Bigger kit, whole trees to convert, and planning on building guitars as well as Ukuleles, the time has come to say goodbye to our little unit in the Craft Village! But fear not, we haven’t gone far. In fact the move was completed in a little over twenty-four hours with no more transport requirements than a flatbed trolley! Unfortunately. Terry, the stained glass man in Unit 7 has been ordered to cut back on what he was doing to alleviate the strain on arthritic thumbs and has therefore given up his unit in the Village. The unit is somewhat larger than the one we were occupying and, given the opportunity to move up the line a little, we jumped at the chance. We now occupy Unit 7, with our own entrance rather than a shared one and right in between John the Woodturner and Pete the Eggman, two of the friendliest neighbours one could wish for.

The move also gives us more room to care for you, our customers, so why not come along for a look at the new facility for yourselves.

One thought on “Moving On….”

  1. Gonna get over there soon, just to be nosey. In the meantime how about a pic of that brand new thicknessing sander you just invented ?

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