Tonewood from Quex

The first board, cut in half to transport

We’ve started to convert timber grown at Quex Park into usable lumber. :) To start off with, it’s ‘just’ a single board, but that board yeilds around three and a half cubic feet of fully provenanced Walnut. If you think back, Uke No1 was a walnut body, and that sounded beautiful so we are quite happy with this timber. To put it into context, the cut timber from this board will produce 2-3 Guitars and about 15-20 Ukes.

Converted to usable sections

Yes, you did read that last sentence correctly. I used the word GUITAR in it. We have had so many folks visiting in the unit asking if we are going to make guitars, and with this rather special timber available in a suitable size and quantity, we have relented and taken pre-orders for three of them! First though, there are still some Ukuleles to produce, and numbers 5 & 6 will be concert sized Pineapples, with the second of the two having a little of a fun element to it. (Wait and see 😉 )

This now gives us moulds and jigs to produce Tenor, Soprano and two shapes of Concert Ukuleles! (Not bad going for less than 4 months from scratch). With the Quexmas Event now just 5 weeks away and the intention to have a number of finished instruments on display, it is time to get into production.