Little or Large?

No 4, Playable, but unfinished

No 4, a tenor, has been strung and played, but is, as yet, unfinished. It has been fitted with a passive pick-up and sounds real good amplified too! It looks rather large here, doesn’t it. It’s an optical illusion though, as the chair it is sat on is rather smaller than you would expect. It’s a child’s chair made by Martin’s Upholstery shop, located in the village.

Most of the rest of the past week has been occupied with repairs, although a few moments have been spent on other production projects. The mould for a Concert sized pineapple shaped Uke has been made up and the beginnings of a body made it’s way into that mould today.

We will be attending the QUEXMAS event in the main House/Museum on 27th November between 11am and 5pm, so don’t be afraid to come along and take a look and listen to these instruments. Hopefully we will have photographs of the trees these latest instruments are made from.  You don’t have to wait until then though, you can come and hear them in the unit at the Craft village any time. On that note, at the end of this month we will be moving a couple of doors up the Village where a slightly larger unit will be coming available.