Bits and Pieces

No 4, a Tenor, having the fretboard attached

Following on from the Quex Timber post of last week, time has been occupied sorting out a few bits and pieces. Firstly, having decided to go ahead building wooden Ukuleles regularly (as opposed to the roundback models originally planned. Don’t worry, they haven’t been forgotten!), the need for proper moulds and jigs had to be addressed. There was also some timber knocking around the workshop that needed using up. This has made the construction of Ukes 3 and 4 a somewhatdrawn out affair! No3 is a soprano, and No4 is a Tenor, so that is two complete sets of moulds and jigs that needed construction too. There is also the problem that the mould for the original Concert size model was only roughly constructed to get a couple of quick examples out for the Craft Fair.

No 4 nut and bridge attached

That one has yet to be sorted out. To use up timber that has not been grown on the estate, No4 has mahogany back and sides, with a Cedar neck and an Ash soundboard. The fretboard, which is Indian Rosewood and had also been outsourced, sports some beautiful inlay work.

In tooling these models up, some additional items needed acquiring, as well as a supply of bone for Nuts and Saddles. We have even collected a few oyster shells from the local beach in order to experiment with producing our own fretboard inlays! How successful this will prove is yet to be established, but the thought is there. Does anyone locally keep Bees, so that we can finish these Ukes with local beeswax? Or is that taking things too far??