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Quex Park is an oasis of old woodland on the Isle of Thanet where a tree planting program was instigated by John Powell-Powell in the early 1780’s. The beauty of the Park that we see today is thanks to his vision. Now, some 230 years later, these woodlands and specimen trees are still managed throughout the Estate and we have managed to acquire some of the resultant timber for the production of musical instruments.

Manuel Nunes et al. invented the Ukulele with the use of local timber, and here at Ukulian we intend to continue that tradition by building all of our future instruments with timber sourced from Quex Park itself. Uke No 3 is built primarily from Cherry grown and felled on the Estate.

No2, a concert, is from Mahogany with a spruce top.

Although the park is not managed for timber production, the extensive woodlands have produced some excellent lumber over the years and some of this has been stored in good drying conditions. These include samples of such timbers as Walnut, Cedar, Cherry, Ash, Sycamore and many other species.

Ukes No1 and No2 were made from traditional, commercially sourced, timbers but No3, a soprano, is mainly out of  local cherry. We are pleased to be able to say that all future instruments will be built from timber grown within the estate of Quex Park.

No3 is from local Cherry

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