Painted Ukes

Painted Ukes

Another week passes, and with it, another three or four painted Ukuleles have found their way into the public domain. Despite being stocked for the youngsters, it is becoming obvious that two thirds of the basic Ukes that we sell are, in fact, going to the adult population! :)

It is also noticeable that the same proportion are coloured black! Despite stocking Red, Yellow, light and dark blue as well as white and natural, we sell twice as many Black Ukuleles as all the others put together! However, although the two statistics are similar, they have no relation to each other. The youngsters choose the colours in the same ratio as the adults do.

However, we have no intention of producing our own Ukuleles with a painted finish! The sourcing of good, even great timber for our instruments is something we take great pride in and have no intention of covering that wood with any colour of paint. Just this weekend a gentleman popped his head in the door to see if we could make use of the bole of an apple tree he had recently had to remove from his garden in a nearby village. He not only knew the full history of the tree, it’s variety and rootstock genus, but returned an hour later to deliver it. Most fruitwoods make wonderful tonewoods, so look forward to a couple of instruments made from this example in a year or so, once it has had time to dry fully.

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