Decisions, decisions.

One of the two big events to hit the Craft Village each year is rapidly approaching. On 10th & 11th of September is the second of the Craft Fairs held at Quex each year, the main entrace of which is through the Craft Village.

Now, the main objective of taking on the workshop in the village, is to make Ukuleles! And the ’roundback’ versions that we are planning will not be ready before that date. In fact, a realistic date would be to have one or two versions (Concert and Tenor?) ready for Christmas. So a decision has to be made as to whether to carry on regardless of the 6000+ people that will be passing through the Village that weekend, or to produce a couple of examples of Ukuleles by traditional methods in order to have something to show the multitude!

To be honest, it is not really that hard a decision, as people are always asking “Which ones have you made?” of the instruments already hanging on the wall. (The hangers are a bargain at ¬£4.50 each). Therefore, the next couple of weeks will be devoted to producing the moulds, jigs and other¬†paraphernalia to make a few Concert size Ukuleles for display and sale from the workshop.

The plan, at present, is to produce at least one each in Walnut and Mahogany, although I do have a nice piece of Cherry that may sneak into the mix somewhere. If you are interested in one of these instruments, get in touch and we’ll try and incorporate any input you may have. :)

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