Spreading the word…

Over the weekend someone walked in carrying a guitar. Not really a surprise in itself, as many folk carry instruments around with them, and especially this week, as the Broadstairs Folk Festival Week is under way just a few short miles away. No, what was surprising was that the guitar had been dropped the night before and the owner had brought it in for repair.

Having been open just a fortnight, to have someone who was previously unknown to us, walk in especially for some work to be done, knowing both that we were here in the Quex Craft Village, and that we could complete the work required, was rather satisfying, to say the least! At this point, no advertising has been commissioned, and the cards we have had printed had only turned up 24 hours earlier and were still in a packet on the workbench!

OK, so we have completed a few repairs, brought in by people who have discovered us by accident, gone off and come back with the instrument, but this occasion was the first where the customer had arrived, complete with instrument, out of the blue. It can only be word of mouth, but they do say that is the best recommendation. :)